Westec Automation Limited offers a unique service to the New Zealand industry. In our Auckland warehouse, we hold "Stock" control systems designed to cover all small to medium control tasks, primarily with a pneumatic emphasis.

A stock control system typically involves the combination of a PLC unit, a low voltage power supply, a bank of pneumatic valves and all the input/output fixed wiring.

The supply air is treated with a combination Filter/Pressure regulator and is controlled by a "Soft Start" dump valve.

The buttons and selector switches mounted on the enclosure door are programmable in function but always include an Emergency Stop. A single-phase plug is supplied for the control power and glands are provided for the running of the sensor leads to inputs, etc. Inside the enclosure is a switched single phase socket to power a laptop or inspection lamp.

However, we also undertake purely electrical control incorporating motor drives, sensors and other control elements.

We can utilise our standard gear plate in larger enclosures and within the customer's own machine or cabinet. Visit our premises and we will demonstrate our programmable Pick and Place or Press feeding/Indexing displays.

Manufacture new cylinders

In order to be able to supply pneumatic cylinders with non-standard strokes, and cylinders manufactured to your requirements with a very short lead time, we have invested in good stocks of VDMA standard cylinder construction kits. Our pricing on locally manufactured cylinders is very competitive. Ask us for a quotation on VDMA dimensioned cylinders and mountings with bore sizes between 32mm dia. and 100mm dia.

General-purpose basic accessories

We also supply the basic items you need to maintain your standard air distribution network and general workshop accessories such as duster guns, extension hoses, tailpieces and hose clips, etc.

We stock airline lubricator oil and general purpose filters, pressure regulators and gauges.

Automate small machines to increase production & reliability.

We are able to undertake modifications which involve light engineering work. We have a workshop with a lathe, mill, cutoff saws and welder. Volumetric fillers, press feeders, bakery equipment and assembly machines have been modified and improved at our premises.

Re-kit or modify any brand of cylinder

We are able to machine pistons and other parts of your cylinder to accept our seals or other locally available seals and to adapt our VDMA standard mountings.

Require customisation work? We can offer a FREE Consultation.....